Watch Brutal Moment Antelope Attacks Giraffe At Rotterdam Zoo

A horrific scene unfolded between a kudu and a giraffe at Rotterdam Zoo on Tuesday.  The entire unsettling incident was filmed and shared on Youtube.

The video shows the kudu, a type of antelope, stabbing its horns into the giraffe.

And you can hear children screaming in terror in the background as they watch the ruthless attack.


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The giraffe struggles to stumble to his feet as he pulls himself up while the kudu continues to attack.

After a moment, the poor giraffe manages to get to its feet. With the kudu still bucking at him, the giraffe attempts to make its escape, but the kudu is still underneath him.

It remains unclear as to why the kudu attacked the giraffe. Reportedly, they have been living in the same enclosure in the Dutch zoo for several years.

And that being the case, one has to question, what brought on such a vicious attack?  While males of the species will fight with one another for dominance, kudus are generally not territorial.

It is possible the animal displayed an unusual act of aggression as a result of its captivity. This is not a new concept. Zoo animals have had their behavior and well-being affected, including aggression, due to their living conditions.

A spokesperson for the zoo told local media that they were shocked at the antelope’s behavior. Fortunately, the giraffe suffered only minor injuries.

Watch the horrific footage in full below:


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